BLTKits with Disposable or Reusable TransferPads:

The BLTKit – SPS with Single-Patient-Stay DISPOSABLE TransferPads offers the classic AirPal Air-Assisted Lateral Patient Transfer system in a low-cost, compact form that is ideal for EMS, post-acute, long-term and home care settings. The AirPal BLTKit – SPS contains all of the components necessary to laterally transfer two (2) patients with air-mattress comfort and reduced injury risk to patients and caregivers. Replacement components can be ordered quickly and easily online as needed.

The BLTKitGREEN offers a version of the AirPal Air-Assisted Lateral Patient Transfer system to caregivers who prefer a REUSABLE Multi-Patient Transfer Pad with industry-leading 2 year warrantee. In addition to all non-acute applications, the AirPal BLTKit – GREEN is an ideal “starter kit” for acute-care facilities and Safe Patient Handling programs.

Order your preferred BLTKit  today and always be prepared to laterally transfer a patient on a cushion of air—gently and safely!

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